The Studio

studio-MANLY-HAIRDRESSER-4To clarify any misconception, we are actually a studio, as apposed to a salon.

The biggest difference being that we work by appointment only, rather than accepting clients of the street.

Parking is guaranteed directly outside, on either side of the building, for easy access in & out, (no parking fee’s!)

You enter over a Japanese style bridge, which passes over the running water feature styled like an Australian river bed, into a wide open space with bay & water views, that are all feng sui balanced……….

In fact the walk from the front entrance, to the back exit have been designed to create a catwalk effect into a courtyard,with speakers mounted on the external walls, so outside you can hear the soothing melodies of the music being played inside.

Great for rehearsals for up coming shows.

Outside is furnished with art deco lounges & table for a smokers area, or if you prefer, not to sit in the air conditioned rooms.
There is also another water feature & fountain here adding to the ambiance & tranquility, where, once you arrive, you don’t want to leave.

On your arrival at the entrance semi circler ceilings form a corridor into the art deco powder room, where clients are encouraged to remove their top clothing, & slip into a monogramed robe.


We look forward to welcoming you!